Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BGOUG) Autumn 2016 Conference

bgougIt’s been over two years, but I’m finally going back to my second home. I’m presenting at BGOUG Autumn 2016 Conference. 🙂

I get back from the OTN APAC Tour, go to work for three days, then I’m off to Bulgaria. I figure if I confuse my body enough it won’t recognise how many time zones I’ve travelled through…


At the moment it looks like this is the last event I’m presenting at in 2016, so let’s make it a good one. Hope to see you all there!



Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (13cR2) Installation/Upgrade

em13cOracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (13cR2) was released a couple of weeks ago. In a previous post I mentioned we were going to stop our rollout of 13cR1 agents to production and upgrade from 13cR1 to 13cR2 before we resumed.

I don’t like doing anything at work that I haven’t already tried at home, so the first step in that process was for me to do some clean installs and practice upgrades. After a busy weekend and a late night last night I think I’m happy with the process. That resulted in these articles.

If you’ve done a 13cR1 installation, the clean 13cR2 installation will come as no surprise. They now have multitenant and non-CDB repository templates to choose from. I used the multitenant template in this example. The installation was fine on both OL6 and OL7, so nothing out of the ordinary to report there.

The upgrade process was similar to previous point release upgrades too. We used the non-CDB template, the only one available at the time, to build our 13cR1 installation, so not surprisingly I practised the upgrade using that as a starting point. The upgrade process went fine, but I got a lot of warning messages during the process. It was all working fine at the end though…

I guess we will start rolling this bad-boy out once I get back from the APAC Tour and Bulgaria (BGOUG).



Haters gonna hate!

angry-1300616_640I read Debra’s post this morning and the fact she had to write it was pretty disappointing. I realise there will always be haters out there who find fault with what people in the community do, but even so…

I’ve written about this in the past (here and here). As Debra pointed out, I’ve got a YouTube series called My Glamorous Life, which illustrates just how boring life on the road is most of the time.

I think it’s safe to say people who have never experienced this type of travel will say something like, “Boo-bloody-hoo! You get to see the world for free and all you can do is moan!” Those that have experienced it will realise how far from glamorous it is.

If you get the opportunity to travel with work or a community program you definitely should. It is a great experience. Just don’t expect it to feel like a holiday. I have the privilege of still being in contact with Tom Kyte and when we discussed his plans for the future, one of the things he mentioned was to travel and actually see the places he’s already been to. That kind-of says it all. 🙂

After every tour I promise myself it will be the last. One day it will be, but for now…



OTN APAC Tour 2016 : It’s Nearly Here!

otnapac16dIn a little over a week I’ll be starting the OTN Asia Pacific (APAC) Tour 2016, or to be more accurate I’ll be starting the first half of it.

I’ll be attending the following events.

  • Wellington, New Zealand: October 26th (Event)
  • Auckland, New Zealand: October 27th (Event)
  • Sydney, Australia: October 31st (Event)
  • Gold Coast, Australia: November 2nd (Event)

The tour carries on without me (I had already committed to another event in Europe) to the following locations.

  • Beijing, China: November 4th and 5th (Event)
  • Shanghai, China: November 6th (Event)
  • Bangalore, India: November 11 and 12 (Event)

I’m feeling pretty nervous about the travelling. The Dubai to Auckland flight alone is 16+ hours. It’s a long way to go for such a short visit, but I’m sure I will enjoy it when I’m there.


I did try to upgrade the flights to business class, but there were no seats left. I’ll keep trying. It will cost me a lot of money, but it will make the whole traveling process a lot more pleasant if I can sort it out.

Hopefully I’ll get to see you there. I’ll be the guy asleep on the floor with his tongue hanging out… 🙂



OTN Appreciation Day : Summary

Yesterday was the OTN Appreciation Day. The plan was to mobilise the Oracle community to say #ThanksOTN for everything Oracle Technology Network (OTN) have done for the Oracle community over the years. You can obviously search on Twitter for #ThanksOTN, but I’ve compiled a list of blog posts here, so contact me if you’re missing! They are ordered chronologically, or at least in the order I found them. There are some posts with similar, or the same, name. Multiple people can have the same favourite feature. 🙂

  1. OTN Appreciation Day : Undo and Redo
  2. OTN Appreciation Day : 2016
  3. OTN Appreciation Day : The ORAchk and EXAchk Tools
  4. OTN Appreciation Day : Constraints
  5. OTN Appreciation Day : APEX Dynamic Actions
  6. OTN Appreciation Day : Functions returning record structures
  7. OTN Appreciation Day : Analytic Functions
  8. OTN Appreciation Day : LISTAGG
  9. OTN Appreciation Day : Function Result Cache
  10. OTN Appreciation Day : GeoJSON and SDO_GEOMETRY marriage in Oracle 12.2
  11. OTN Appreciation Day : 12C PRIVILEGE ANALYSIS
  12. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle RMAN
  13. OTN Appreciation Day : Transportable tablespaces
  14. OTN Appreciation Day : A database that is reliable
  15. OTN Appreciation Day : Dataguard
  16. OTN Appreciation Day : ONLINE
  17. OTN Appreciation Day : In-Memory Column Store
  18. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Express Edition (XE)
  19. OTN Appreciation Day : Data Pump (expdp, impdp)
  20. OTN Appreciation Day : SQL Patch
  21. OTN Appreciation Day : PL/SQL
  22. OTN Appreciation Day : Error Hospital / Resiliency in SOA 12c
  23. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Reports Server Job Queue Monitoring
  24. OTN Appreciation Day : Instrumentation
  25. OTN Appreciation Day : That wonderful no-cost option – APEX
  26. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Public Cloud Database – Schema as a Service
  27. OTN Appreciation Day : Super Cluster
  28. OTN Appreciation Day : MySQL 8.0 data dictionary
  29. OTN Appreciation Day : Flashback
  30. OTN Appreciation Day : APEX Metadata Repository
  31. OTN Appreciation Day : Flashback
  32. OTN Appreciation Day : Programatically Dismissing Popup
  33. OTN Appreciation Day : Dual Table
  34. OTN Appreciation Day : The Power of Combining Bitmap Indexes
  35. OTN Appreciation Day : WebLogic
  36. OTN Appreciation Day : My favourite thing from OTN
  37. OTN Appreciation Day : Partition your table online !
  38. OTN Appreciation Day : OBIEE’s Export to Excel Functionality
  39. OTN Appreciation Day : ASM
  41. OTN Appreciation Day : Developer Cloud Service
  42. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Multitenant
  43. OTN Appreciation Day : Prebuilt Developer VMs
  44. OTN Appreciation Day : The Recyclebin
  45. OTN Appreciation Day : OMCS Push Listeners
  46. OTN Appreciation Day : FlashBack Query
  47. OTN Appreciation Day : Restore and Recovery of database table in Oracle 12c
  48. OTN Appreciation Day : Experiences
  49. OTN Appreciation Day : The Oracle Universal Installer
  50. OTN Appreciation Day : How To Setup an Oracle DBaaS from Scratch
  51. OTN Appreciation Day : DBMS_ROLLING -12c
  52. OTN Appreciation Day : The Community
  53. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Text
  54. OTN Appreciation Day : ADVM
  55. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Wait Interface
  56. OTN Appreciation Day : Pre-Built Developer VMs
  57. OTN Appreciation Day : Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  58. OTN Appreciation Day : Visual Analyzer
  59. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle read/write consistency
  60. OTN Appreciation Day : DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO for Instrumentation
  61. OTN Appreciation Day : OBIEE’s BI Server
  62. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle WebLogic 12c
  63. OTN Appreciation Day : SQL Profiles
  64. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Private/Hybrid Database Cloud
  65. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Text
  66. OTN Appreciation Day : SQLcl
  67. OTN Appreciation Day : Create Database Using SQL
  68. OTN Appreciation Day : Instrument Your Damned Code. Please!
  69. OTN Appreciation Day : Getting started with ODI
  70. OTN Appreciation Day : “Show Data As” in OBIEE pivot views
  71. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle BI data sources
  72. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Database 12c ( Multi-tenant New Features with Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  73. OTN Appreciation Day : Greetings from Copenhagen!
  75. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Data Guard and DG Broker
  76. OTN Appreciation Day : tnsping
  77. OTN Appreciation Day : Looking for Change
  78. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle JET Cookbook
  79. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Live SQL ¿Cómo no te voy a querer?
  80. OTN Appreciation Day : Multitenant
  81. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Data Integrator 12c – Flexibility
  82. OTN Appreciation Day : Thanks OTN
  83. OTN Appreciation Day : dbnodeupdate.sh
  84. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Data Guard Fast-Start Failover
  85. OTN Appreciation Day : 2016
  86. OTN Appreciation Day : OSWatcher Black Box Analyzer (OSWBBA)
  87. OTN Appreciation Day : Alta UI
  88. OTN Appreciation Day : The Performance Schema of MySQL 5.6+
  89. OTN Appreciation Day : RAC
  90. OTN Appreciation Day : The Java VM in the Oracle Database
  91. OTN Appreciation Day : Regular Expressions (REG_EXP)
  92. OTN Appreciation Day : The Log Analysis Tool
  93. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Data Integrator 12c Flexibility
  94. OTN Appreciation Day : SQL Trace
  95. OTN Appreciation Day : PRAGMA UDF
  96. OTN Appreciation Day : ThanksOTN
  97. OTN Appreciation Day : Edition-Based Redefinition
  98. OTN Appreciation Day : Single And Multitenant Architecture
  99. OTN Appreciation Day : 2016
  100. OTN Appreciation Day : PUBLIC-YUM
  101. OTN Appreciation Day : #ThanksOTN Twitter feed with Oracle MCS and Oracle JET
  102. OTN Appreciation Day : Adding Invisible Column
  103. OTN Appreciation Day : Easy Execution Plans
  104. OTN Appreciation Day : Visualizing System Statistics in SQL Developer
  105. OTN Appreciation Day : Partitioning
  106. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Database Cloud Service
  107. OTN Appreciation Day : Top Activity Screen in EM
  108. OTN Appreciation Day : A Journey From Newbie to Veteran
  109. OTN Appreciation Day : Tom Kyte
  110. OTN Appreciation Day : A distributed system is the one that prevents you from working because of the failure of a machine that you had never heard of
  111. OTN Appreciation Day : WLST
  112. OTN Appreciation Day : ADF BC como tu BackEnd
  113. OTN Appreciation Day : Integration Cloud Service (ICS) On-Premises Connectivity Agent
  114. OTN Appreciation Day : DBMS_MONITOR
  115. OTN Appreciation Day : APEX
  116. OTN Appreciation Day : I Appreciate You
  117. OTN Appreciation Day : Recovery Appliance – Database Recovery on Steroids
  118. OTN Appreciation Day : OTN Community
  119. OTN Appreciation Day : OWSM y WS-Security. AutenticaciĂłn por Username Token para SOAP y REST en OSB 12c
  120. OTN Appreciation Day : The Power of Oracle SQL
  121. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Business Rules
  122. OTN Appreciation Day : Developers, DBAs, Architects and Product Experts
  123. OTN Appreciation Day : Establish DevOps with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  124. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle Flashback
  125. OTN Appreciation Day : Oracle ADF Bindings

OTN Appreciation Day +1. 🙂

  2. OTN Appreciation Day : Find performance issue for user session
  3. OTN Appreciation Day : Laura Ramsey Edition

Check out pieter v. puymbroeck, who wrote a script (here) to scrape the results from Twitter. Ruben Rodriguez did a similar thing using MCS and JET. I did it the long and painful way because I’m an old-timer. 🙂

Thanks to everyone that wrote a blog post. It was good to see some new, nearly new and returning faces, as well as the usual suspects. I was glad to see some of our Latin American community blogging in Spanish. What’s really cool is the diversity of stuff people posted. Some people took it in a completely different direction, which made it more interesting. Thanks to all those people that tweeted messages of support and retweeted content throughout the day. We got people joining in because they saw the buzz you helped create! And of course, #ThanksOTN. 🙂



Update: Some latecomers added. 🙂

OTN Appreciation Day : Data Pump (expdp, impdp)

pumpHere’s my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day.

Data Pump (expdp, impdp) was added in Oracle 10g as a replacement for the rather tired exp/imp utilities, which although useful, were severely lacking in functionality. So why do I like Data Pump? Here are a few standouts for me, but I’m sure other people will prefer others. 🙂

  • Transportable Tablespaces, and from 12c onward Transportable Database, make moving large amounts of data, or even whole databases easy. This can include platform/endian changes and version upgrade too. This was possible with exp/imp too, but it doesn’t stop it being a useful feature of Data Pump. 🙂
  • The INCLUDE, EXCLUDE, CONTENT and QUERY parameters allow a lot of flexibility about what you include or exclude from your exports and imports.
  • The FLASHBACK_TIME parameter allows you to do an export of the data based on a point in time, undo permitting, which allows you to make truly consistent exports.
  • The REMAP parameters allow you to rename tablespaces, datafiles, schemas, tables and even alter the data during operations.
  • The DBMS_DATAPUMP package provides a PL/SQL API, allowing you to perform Data Pump operations without having to shell out to the OS. That makes automation a lot simpler.
  • The NETWORK_LINK parameter can be used to perform export and import operations over a database link. This allows you to create a dump file on a remote database, or even import without an intermediate dump file.

I’m sure beginners think Data Pump is just for doing exports and imports of small databases, but it’s got loads of features. If you’ve not kept up with the new releases, you might be surprised just how much it can do!

If you’re interested in reading something more technical about Data Pump, here are some articles from my website.



Internet of Things (IoT) : I, for one, welcome our small internet-enabled overlords!


You know that thing where you buy a new car and suddenly everyone else seems to be driving the same model? That’s how I am with Internet of Things (IoT) these days. Having had my interest peaked at OOW16, I’m suddenly noticing it getting mentioned everywhere, especially related to security. IoT+Security is now in the same position that Cloud+Security was a few years back. You can just hear the cries of “Won’t someone think of the children?”

We’ve spent years trying to encourage people to patch their PCs, servers and applications in an attempt to not be the next big attack vector, then along comes IoT and kind-of forgets all those lessons of the past (see here). This is common for any emerging tech. Let’s get it to work and worry about making it safe later!

The cheapness of IoT devices make them feel throwaway, so it’s a no-brainer to include them in everything. The problem comes when that throwaway tech is put inside something you plan on keeping for a few years, like a fridge, washing machine or internet-enabled underwear. 🙂 If security hasn’t been considered up front, is it going to end up being a problem long term? Either that, or am I going to have to “flash” my internet-enabled underwear on a regular basis to keep them safe? 🙂

I, for one, welcome our small internet-enabled overlords! But only if they come in peace! It will be interesting to see how thing goes…



PS. Cloud image taken at my nephew’s football match yesterday. Saucer from PixaBay. Bluring by SnagIt. Two minutes and I now have better “evidence” than most UFO videos on YouTube. Let’s see how long it takes for this to end up on one of them. 🙂

macOS Sierra (OS X 10.12)

In the 80s and 90s the Sierra was an incredibly popular, but boring saloon car from Ford. Today I upgraded to macOS Sierra, which will eventually be an incredibly popular (for Mac owners), but boring operating system from Apple.

So what’s new? You get Siri! Oh yes, you also get Siri! There is also Siri! And finally, for good measure you get Siri!

If you own multiple devices, there is some fluff, like shared clipboard, but I don’t own multiple Apple devices, so basically this OS is what I had before with a sprinkling of Siri.

What was the experience of upgrading like? An absolute nightmare! It said it was going to take about 18 minutes, but it seemed to hang for a couple of hours. I ended up doing about 5 hard reboots before it actually came up. After all that hassle and wasted time, I got El Crapitan + Siri. Amazing. Way to innovate Apple!

Of course, Apple fanboys will love it and it will change their lives… Whatever!



Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (13cR2)

o-enterprisemgr-13c-clr-2769481We’ve finished the rollout of 13cR1 agents to all dev and test environments, but haven’t started the production rollout. Good job really as 13cR2 has now been released.

The announcements are here.

The downloads and documents are here.

My plan is now:

  • Stop the rollout of 13cR1 to production.
  • Test the clean install of 13cR2 and the upgrade of 13cR1 to 13cR2 at home. Articles will be coming soon.
  • Play about with it until I’m happy.
  • Upgrade the existing 13cR1 to 13cR2 and upgrade all the existing dev/test agents.
  • Gain some confidence in the new installation.
  • Roll it out to production.

Let’s hope I get this done before 13cR3. 🙂