ODC Latin America Tour : It’s a Wrap!


The ODC Latin America Tour (Northern Leg) is now over for me. I still can’t really believe I get invited to these tours and actually do them.

I’m simultaneously excited and terrified by these tours. I have to admit I hate the travelling, but I love meeting people around the world who share a mutual interest. Give me an opportunity to geek out and I’m all over it.

After the year I’ve had so far (see here) I was more nervous about this tour than any previous one. My nightmare seemed to be coming true when I needed medical attention on the plane in Quito, but after that glitch it went really well, and I’m glad I didn’t chicken out!

Thanks to all the individual user groups for inviting me and making me welcome in your country. Thank to all the attendees for coming along and supporting the events. Meeting all of you is the best bit of doing this. Thanks as always to the Oracle ACE Program and Oracle Developer Champion program for making this possible for me, without ever expecting anything from me other than contributing to the community.

The posts that I put out related to this tour are listed here.



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3 thoughts on “ODC Latin America Tour : It’s a Wrap!”

  1. I have a quick question if you could help.
    we have a warehouse management database with Oracle since 2017, until then it was SQL.
    the usual database size is 40-50 GB when it was SQL, since we moved to oracle, the size has been increasing constantly and now it is 200gb, the orders and transactions have been the same every year, so what do you think is causing the database to grow huge ? especially since we moved to Oracle.
    What should be the course of action here ?

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